HLN participates in the following Federal and State contract vehicles which are available for use by our clients:


Vehicle Number Term Scope Notes
GSA Schedule 70


GS-35F-0551M (Schedule) 6/17/02 – 6/16/22 (extendable) IT Services (SIN 132-51)

Health IT Services (SIN 132-56)

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Enables HLN to serve customers in Federal government agencies, or State and Local agencies who have funds that can be spent via Direct Assistance through the CDC, with a minimum of administrative effort. State and Local governments and agencies can now purchase directly through GSA if their local laws and procedures permit it.
IDIQ/BPA: HHS CDC NCIRD Immunization Consulting & Research Arm (ICRA) 9/30/15 – 9/29/25 Provide a broad range of information technology services to support the global health mission of the CDC. Subcontractor to both Deloitte Consulting and CNI/Advantage
IDIQ/BPA: HHS CDC Information Management Services (CIMS) 9/30/10 – 9/29/20 Includes Information Management and Management Consulting domains. Subcontractor to Deloitte Consulting


Vehicle Number Term Scope
California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS) ITcmas-logo 3-04-70-0806C 12/15/04 – 9/30/22 Includes consulting and software services.
California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS) Non-ITcmas-logo 4-11-03-0458A 5/2/11- 3/31/20 Includes business consulting and other business Services
New York State Office of General Services (OGS) PB20200 9/9/15 – 9/8/24 Provide a broad range of project-based information technology services between between $200,001 – $7.5 million (Lot 2).
Oregon Covendis MSP/VMS Provider 1/22/16-6/30/19 Provide a wide range of IT services to State of Oregon agencies.
PA Master Consulting Services ITQ 4400008135 Ongoing Includes General Healthcare Services.
PA Master IT Services ITQ 4400004480 Ongoing Includes consulting, integration, software development, and software maintenance services.
Rhode Island Master Purchasing Agreement MPA 230 12/1/14 – 6/30/19 Includes application development & technical support and server support services.