The Final Chapter:
Managing the Technical, Financial, and
Political Complexities of Immunization
Registry Deployment and Sustainability

32nd National Immunization Conference
Atlanta, GA
July 21, 1998

Noam H. Arzt, Ph.D.
Susan M. Salkowitz, M.A., M.G.A.


  • Need for structure and methodology

  • To sustain a project, need to get messages in the right format to the right target audiences to get action

  • Teams are multi-disciplinary: same message needs to be transmitted multiple ways

  • Creative visual representations of information can be the key

Technical Architecture planning
in the context of business objectives

Technology Continuum

Catch the Wave and Ride the Rapids:
Gradual Migration to Rapid Change
("Permanent Whitewater")

Adaptable architecture in a time
of continuous change

Registry System Tradeoffs

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO):
Balancing innovation with leverage

Sample Registry Technical Architecture

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