Subject matter experts may use the various components of the Clinical Decision Support Administration Tool (CAT) to test the Immunization Calculation Engine, without the intervention of a software developer. Click each sample screen below to enlarge:

Test Editor (Test Summary View): Used to view/edit/create an individual test case (i.e. the input parameters and the corresponding expected output), as shown below. This screen also displays calculations such as the interval between shots and the patient’s age at the administration date and the recommendation date, which makes it easier for the tester to manage test cases.

Test Editor - ICE Test Summary

Test Editor (Test Results View): Shows the results of an automated test run, including summary data about the number of tests that passed and failed, along with details about any differences between the expected results and the actual results. In the example below, one of the tests failed because the actual recommended due date that was returned by ICE did not match the expected recommended due date that was a part of the test case. A subject matter expert should review the details of the failed test and the relevant rules and then make the necessary corrections.

Test Editor - ICE Test Run Summary