The HLN management team is comprised of a group of dedicated professionals from diverse backgrounds, including traditional consulting, academia, health care, government service, and commercial industry. the Management Team has established HLN as a unique company that exemplifies innovation and collaboration. We encourage our staff to be flexible, understanding and yet practical in developing comprehensive tailored solutions to serve our clients.

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As the founder and president of HLN Consulting, Dr. Arzt is a leading national figure in health informatics. He brings an innovative, assertive, and creative approach towards solving systems and data interoperability challenges. A frequent speaker at national conferences and an active blogger and author about current health information technology issues, Dr. Arzt brings a national leadership perspective on IT quality and solutions with a unique focus on public health.

Previously, Dr. Arzt was an administrator and researcher at the University of Pennsylvania—including ten years at the Wharton School—where he honed his management skills including successfully guiding Federal, State and foundation grants and contracts. He holds a bachelor’s, masters and PhD from the University of Pennsylvania.



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A Senior Project Manager since 2001, Mike Berry wears many hats at HLN: manager, consultant, and software developer.

He has staffed and managed health information systems projects for HLN in Philadelphia, New York City, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Washington. His work is focused on public health registries, connecting public health and Health Information Exchange (HIE), standards-based messaging and interoperability architecture, privacy and security in HIE and person-matching technologies for integrated systems. He currently leads HLN’s public health systems projects for the Rhode Island Department of Health, and is a developer and relationship manager for HLN projects at the University of Pennsylvania. Previously, Mike led HLN’s team on the Strategic Healthcare IT Advanced Research Projects on Security (SHARPS) project at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, culminating in the release of Decision Support for Data Segmentation (DS2).  Mike brings a deep technical understanding, as well as crisp written and oral expression skills to any project he undertakes. He holds a B.S.E. in Computer Science Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.



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Daryl Chertcoff provides project and technical leadership on complex, multi-vendor application design and development efforts, and has architected major public health systems. As a senior project manager for HLN since 2000, he uses a diverse set of skills and approaches to tackle complex problems in creative and unique ways.

Daryl has worked with a wide range of technologies and he has managed, designed and implemented systems and applications that utilize various integration and database technologies. In New York City, he was one of the architects of the Master Child Index and the primary developer of the Online Registry, an internet-accessible, web-based interface for providers to access the Citywide Immunization Registry. He has also been instrumental in building and maintaining network servers and database systems for a variety of clients. His project management, operations and application development experience lends well to the full software development life cycle. Daryl leads HLN’s public health case reporting initiative, including client management, technical oversight, and project planning. Daryl holds a B.S.E. in Computer Science Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.

Cherry Hill, NJ
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Marcey Propp brings vast management consulting expertise to HLN serving State and Federal public health agencies in strategic planning and improving productivity and efficiency through the disciplined integration of design, process, and technology. Marcey applies industry-standard project and change management leadership methodologies and tools to engage stakeholders and staff in the successful execution of system transitions. Marcey guides the delivery of proven and practical solutions in areas related to health information exchange planning, data migration and validation, testing, process reengineering, and training. Currently, she supports public health jurisdictions in the migration of their immunization information system platforms or modules to comply with national standards and state requirements.  As an adjunct professor, Marcey also provides consultative learning in the design and management of public health information systems in partnership with the Public Health Informatics Institute of the Task Force for Global Health.  An active member of the American Immunization Registry Association (AIRA) and a Certified Professional in Health Information & Management Systems through HIMSS, Marcey has an MBA from Northeastern University and an undergraduate degree from Rutgers University. 


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Mike Suralik is an accomplished information technology professional with experience in project management, business analysis, and application development who fosters collaborative environments and leads teams to produce high quality business analysis and health information systems for organizations around the country. As a Senior Project Manager with HLN, Mike has supported the public health community for two decades through a variety of assessments, strategic planning, and custom software development projects, especially in the fields of immunizations, master patient indexes, integrated child health, and emergency preparedness. Mike is currently managing HLN’s ongoing support of the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, including its Citywide Immunization Registry (CIR). He also managed the original project that led to the creation of the Immunization Calculation Engine (ICE), an open source clinical decision support tool for integration with IIS, EHRs, and other health information systems. Mike holds a Masters in Computer Science from North Carolina State University.