About HLN

A leading health information
technology consulting company

Mission & Vision

With roots in academia, HLN Consulting is a leading health information technology consulting company. We envision a world in which public health and healthcare organizations share and use open source technology platforms to achieve high performing and sustainable solutions for improving the health and well being of patients and populations.

Our mission is to enhance and support the capabilities of public health organizations and healthcare providers by providing high quality consulting services, strategic planning, and software development.

HLN is a results-oriented consulting practice engaging a superior team of consultants, technicians, and managers. We work from the comfort of our own homes using a team-centered approach, but communicate diligently within the company and with our clients to collaborate on interesting, meaningful public sector projects. We value each individual for the contributions s/he makes.

How We Work

HLN promotes the exchange of ideas and innovation through writing and speaking, contributions to open source projects, and activities in professional associations and the broader healthcare community. Leveraging these activities, we help our clients implement the most appropriate solutions to deliver performance, transparency, and sustainability, especially in the areas of clinical decision support, health information exchange, and public health informatics.

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