Founded in 1997 by Dr. Noam H. Arzt, HLN Consulting, LLC brings together an academic heritage and technology perspective in a collaborative approach to health information technology. Involved with an early immunization registry effort while at the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Arzt recognized the power of collaboration and social consciousness in reaching a common goal. These core values continue to drive the company today. Operating as a certified California small business, through a network of employees and consultants located around the country, our core services encompass a full range of consultant offerings that provide quality service to address our clients’ needs.


We provide a wide range of technology consulting services to public health agencies and their not-for-profit partners.

We develop and support robust technical solutions addressing pressing public health needs.

We facilitate the collaboration between health care and public health communities to support each other’s missions.

We embody our core values (Service to Our Clients, Collaboration, Social Consciousness, Intellectual Rigor, Trust and Respect) in every aspect of our activity.

Competitive Advantage

Our competitive advantage lies in our ability to learn through our partnerships with our clients to understand the issues they face each day. We leverage our affiliations with local and national agencies and organizations to bring significant insight of pressing health care issues in regard to public health policy and practice, systems and medical informatics. To each engagement, HLN brings:

  • Rich Technical Experience: Public health specialists with a rich set of technical expertise capable of fulfilling the full life cycle of software development.
  • Experience developing and maintaining applications in a public health setting: Direct support in the ongoing deployment of public health systems and a thorough understanding of the diversity and commonalities across public health agencies.
  • Solid Project Management: Outstanding project managers with strong technical and managerial experience to direct day to day activities and deliver results.
  • Bringing the Right Staff to the Project: A network of leading professionals available nationally.
  • Partnership: Establish cost effective and easy collaborative partnerships with our clients and their stakeholders.
  • Fastidious Documentation: All discussions, meetings, decisions, and designs documented and in most cases hosted on a customized website for availability to all project team members.

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