Personnel Policies

Benefits and Personnel Policies

The following is a summary of personnel policies for full-time employees of HLN Consulting, LLC. HLN participates in the DHS E-Verify program.

Standard Hours: HLN Consulting, LLC operates on a standard 40 hour work week. Occasionally additional hours will need to be worked to complete a project. Since client time is usually billable, employees need to track client time carefully based on instructions received from the project manager. HLN employees are considered to work from home in the states where they reside.

Pay Cycle: Employees are paid once a month, on the 26th day of the month. HLN Consulting, LLC does support direct deposit of pay checks.

Vacation, Sick, and Personal Time: Vacation, sick, and personal time are accrued in a combined pool of days. Full-time employees accrue two days for every month they work during their first year of employment (pro-rated for part-time employees). Once a full-time employee completes twelve months of continuous service, time is accrued at the rate of 2.25 days per month (pro-rated for part-time employees). Employees accrue a maximum of 60 days at any time, and once that maximum is reached accrued time must be used before accrual resumes again. All time off must be pre-approved. If the need for paid sick leave is foreseeable, the employee must provide seven days advance written notice of the his or her intention to use sick leave and the expected duration of the leave; if the need for paid sick leave is unforeseeable, the employee shall provide notice of the need for the leave as soon as practicable. A doctor’s note is required for any illness exceeding two work weeks. Time off for other reasons normally cannot exceed two consecutive work weeks.

Legal Holidays: HLN Consulting, LLC recognizes the following legal holidays on which employees are not normally expected to work: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day (including Friday), and Christmas. If one of these holidays falls on a Saturday the holiday is celebrated on the preceding Friday. If one of these holidays falls on a Sunday the holiday is celebrated on the following Monday. From time to time a client may require some work on one of these holidays. In the event that an employee is required to work on a legal holiday they will receive the equivalent time as compensatory time.

Benefits: HLN Consulting, LLC offers a range of benefits to its employees, including health insurance coverage, retirement, and short-term and long-term disability insurance (60% of salary). All benefits are effective the first day of the month following employment. Part-time employees working at least 30 hours/week are eligible to participate in HLN’s benefits program. All employees over 21 years of age participate in HLN’s retirement plan.

Company-owned Equipment: Employees may be provided with company-owned equipment for their use. Special care should be taken for the safety and security of the equipment and any information that may be contained within it. Such equipment may be used for employee’s personal needs as well so long as perishable supplies (paper, ink cartridges) are replenished as appropriate.

Travel: From time to time employees may be required to travel to client sites or other events. It is the employee’s responsibility to keep careful record of all travel-related expenses, including receipts for all purchases or services. In most cases, travel time is not billable time to a client, so careful record must be taken of actual time engaged on client work versus in transit.

Medical Leave of Absence: If an employee is unable to work for medical reasons, a medical leave of absense will be granted based upon proper documentation from a licensed physician or medical practitioner. Employees receive disability support from HLN in conjunction with disability that may be provided by the state in which they reside (if applicable).

Unpaid Leave of Absence: An employee may request an unpaid leave of absence for personal reasons which will be granted solely at the discretion of the management of HLN Consulting, LLC. Unpaid leaves of absence do not normally exceed three months.

Parental/Family Care Leave of Absence: For employees working in NJ, per the NJ Family Leave Act, an employee may request up to six weeks of time for non-medical reasons to bond with a new child or care for a seriously ill family member. Compensation is provided by the State of NJ. A birth mother receives a medical leave of absence for her recovery from childbirth as certified by her physician or medical practitioner.

Bereavement Leave of Absence: Upon the loss of a member of one’s immediate family (spouse or domestic partner, parent, sibling, child), an employee is eligible for a paid leave of absence of up to 5 days.

Jury Duty: Any employee who is called for jury duty or summoned to appear in court can do so without loss of pay. Appearance in court for one’s own benefit (e.g., one’s own civil suit) must be done using vacation or unpaid leave of absence.

Intellectual Property: Employees must sign a Work for Hire agreement with HLN Consulting, LLC before work begins.

Conflict of Interest and Outside Work: Employees are expected to disclose to HLN Consulting, LLC any potential perceived or real conflicts of interest with respect to clients, suppliers, or other employees. In addition, employees are expected to refrain from any outside work for compensation that is substantially similar to work being performed for HLN Consulting, LLC.

Drug and Alcohol Use; Illegal Activities: HLN Consulting, LLC will not tolerate use of any illegal drugs, or alcohol, during work-related activities. Any such activity is grounds for immediate termination of employment. Engagement in any illegal activity is also grounds for immediate termination of employment.

Job Referrals: HLN Consuling, LLC will pay $500 to any employee who successfully refers a job candidate for employment or contract work in excess of 25 hours per week (half upon the person’s start, the other half after the person completes 90 days of service).

Introductory Period: All new employees are subject to a 90-day introductory period from the date employment begins and may be terminated at any time during this period upon one week’s notice.